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Anti Harassment and Bullying

Anti Harassment and Bullying Elearning C

Approved by CPD This course covers the commitments that should be laid out in your company's anti-harassment and bullying policy so as to comply with UK law.


It explains the differences between harassment and bullying, the steps that can be taken if either of these occur in or out of work, and some case studies to illustrate the points covered throughout the course.


Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

Conflict Resolution in the workplace Ele

Approved by CPD This course will consider what conflict is as well as its impact and role in the workplace.


We will consider some of the triggers for workplace conflict and how it develops before looking at a number of different ways of managing it.


Customer Service

customer Service Elearning Course Dorset

Approved by CPD This course will start by making it very clear exactly what we mean by customer service, and why it's so vital and then go into detail about some of the ways you can improve the customer service provided by your organisation.





Employees, managers and directors should all have a good understanding of the threat posed by cyber-attacks and the importance of guarding against data breaches.


This short course will explain why cyber attacks and data breaches happen and provide practical advice on how to set up effective defences


Data Protection in the Workplace

Data Protection in the Workplace Elearni

If you or your organisation handles personal information about individuals you have legal obligations to protect that information. The benefits of good data safety are numerous and include, good business practice, the protection of people’s rights and the protection of your organisations reputation. In recent years some companies and individuals have experienced serious legal consequences for data protection breaches and this highlights why it is so important to get it right. Training should be a vital part of any company’s data protection policy.


Developing Good Employee Relations

Developing Good Employee Relations Elear

Approved by CPD This course covers the many benefits good employee relations can bring to an organisation. It explains how to build confidence in management, by sharing the company vision, building strong teams and listening to employee feedback. It examines how a proactive HR presence benefits employee relations. Then looks at the role of employment contracts and the Employee Handbook. The course discusses Performance Management including motivating employees and how best to show your appreciation of their contribution.


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Developing Teamwork Elearning Course Dor

Approved by CPD This course will start by explaining in detail what team working is and cover some of the basic principles for putting together a group of people who will work well together. It then goes on to cover conflict within teams, explaining some of the reasons conflict occurs and some strategies for managing conflict. It finishes off by exploring some of the different styles of management behaviour and how to develop a resilient team.


Disciplinary Procedures

Disciplinary Procedures Elearning Course

Approved by CPD This course covers the aims of the disciplinary procedure, penalties including investigations, allegations and suspensions, procedures for carrying out hearings, and appeals.


Effective Delegation

Effective Delegation Elearning Course Do

Approved by CPD This course will start with the essentials - defining exactly what we mean by delegation and why it's so important. It then goes into details about the elements of delegation, overcoming the barriers to delegation, how you can choose which tasks to delegate and who to, the process of delegation and much more.


Equality, Diversity and Discrimination

Equality Diversity and Discrimination El

We’ve all heard and used the words ‘equality’ and ‘diversity’ before but what do they actually mean and how do they affect you as an employer or employee? Well if you take the words on their own they are actually quite different, equality is the state of being equal, especially in rights and opportunities. Diversity is the state of being different or varied. However these 2 things should not be seen as opposite to each other, after all people can be different but they still have the same rights. When it comes to places of work there is legislation in place to ensure that we all meet our responsibilities in relation to equality and diversity... And one way to make sure we meet these responsibilities is through training.


Facebook for Business

Facebook for Business Elearning Course D

Approved by CPD Facebook is the world's largest social network. With over a billion users it's very likely that a proportion of your target customer audience will have a Facebook account.


This course will look in detail at the use of Facebook as part of your marketing activity.




Data Protection in the Workplace Elearni

This course is designed for front line data processors and provides a clear introduction to the main elements of the GDPR, including compliance and the consequences of non-compliance. It explains the roles of key players and covers the main categories of personal data and the lawful basis for data processing. Other topics examined include the main Principles of the GDPR and the Rights for Individuals, along with the importance of your Privacy Policy. Finally, there's important information on data breaches; how to avoid them, what to do if one is discovered and how to file a breach report


Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence E

Approved by CPD This course will introduce the concept of emotional intelligence and look at how you can use it in effective and meaningful ways. It will examine the difference between emotional intelligence and IQ and dispel some of the myths surrounding emotional intelligence.

It contains a section on the advantages and disadvantages of using emotional intelligence and considers the biological purpose for emotions and how best to manage them.


Leadership Skills

Leadership Skills Elearning Course Dorse

Approved by CPD A leader doesn't necessarily have to be a 'manager', but it's difficult to see how a manager could be truly effective without having at least some leadership skills.


This course will introduce you to some of the import techniques and theories that can help you to improve your leadership skills and be more effective in your role.


Learning Disability Awareness

Learning Disability Awareness Elearning

Approved by CPD This course will start by giving you an overview of some of the common types and causes of learning disabilities and how they affect people. It will touch on how a person centred approach to care will get the best results and look at how management must perform, and at the needs of the individual. I will also discuss overcoming the stigma attached to learning disabilities and much more.


LinkedIn For Business

LinkedIn for Business Elearning Course D

Approved by CPD LinkedIn is a very valuable tool to find the key decision makers within certain companies.


It's used for finding the best point of contact, gaining familiarity with their background before a call or sales pitch and a lot more. Find out how it can be used to enhance your business.


Managing Meetings

Managing Meetings Elearning Course Dorse

Approved by CPD The course starts with some basic definitions and statistics that outline how important running meetings effectively can be. It examines factors that make meetings great, and some practical steps you can take to ensure everything runs smoothly and successful outcomes are achieved. It also covers some of the ways you can handle any problems that may arise. Finally, it looks at different decision-making approaches you can use and finishes off with some notes on keeping a learning log to help you learn and grow, ultimately becoming a more confident and effective participant or chairperson.


Managing Sickness and Absence

Managing Sickness and Absence Elearning

Approved by CPD This course will help you to understand the different types of absence and Identify ways of measuring absence.


It covers why you should complete return-to-work forms and how to conduct effective return-to-work meetings.


The course finishes off by explaining the formal processes involved in managing absence and how to apply appropriate policies.



Negotiation Elearning Course Dorset Heal

Approved by CPD This course covers the basics of what constitutes a negotiation, the key stages of a negotiation, skills you can apply to your negotiations and some practical advice so you can bring all of this together and become a more effective negotiator.


Objective Setting

Objective Setting Elearning Course Dorse

Approved by CPD This course aims to help you write effective objectives that deliver results.


It covers the importance of goals and objectives and why we need them, the barriers to you achieving your objectives and how to overcome them, what SMART objectives are and how to write and identify them and concludes with some tips for successful objective setting


Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills Elearning Course Dor

Approved by CPD Giving a successful presentation can be one of the hardest parts of many people's jobs.


This course covers the common mistakes people make when preparing for and giving a presentation so you can avoid these, as well as going over good practice and providing some practical advice that you can put to good use the next time you have a big presentation to make.


Principles of Communication

Principles of Communication Elearning Co

Approved by CPD This course covers some of the different ways of communication, how to identify barriers to communication and how to reduce these, making sure the person you are communicating with understands what you are communicating, how to get help with communication issues and much more.


Project Management

Project Management Elearning Course Dors

Approved by CPD This course covers the basic principles of project management and covers some of the tools and techniques you can employ to improve your project management skills.




Presentation Skills Elearning Course Dor

Approved by CPD The course starts with the basic rules for sales people. It covers cold calling, how to deal with gatekeepers and takes you through a typical face-to-face meeting. It then discusses how you can sell by stressing the results prospects can expect if they buy, and how best to play to their emotions. It then finishes off by covering negotiations and how to avoid them and includes some methods for closing a sale.


Search Engine Optiminisation

Search Engine Optimisation for Business

Approved by CPD This course focuses on the anchor point of your digital marketing strategy which is your website or micro-site.


Here we'll explore search engine optimisation 'SEO' and how you can use this to drive traffic to your website.


Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual Harassment in the workplace Elear

Approved by CPD This course will start by defining sexual harassment and explaining how protection comes from both employment law and criminal law. You'll see from workplace statistics how widespread and serious the problem is, and how the management response to concerns raised is often poor or non-existent. It also addresses how allegations should be handled, explains the importance of having clear and robust policies and the role line managers tend to take when it comes to dealing with these situations.


Social Media for Business

Social Media for Business Elearning Cour

Approved by CPD All about how to get the best out of social media in a business.


Looking at business strategy, business development and the practicalities of employing people and agencies to support your social media activity.


Stress Management

Stress Management Elearning Course Dorse

Approved by CPD Stress is a real problem for both organisations and their employees. It accounts for a significant proportion of work related illness each year. Being aware of the signs of stress, some of the triggers and how to manage them can make a real difference to your well-being and that of people around you.


This course will cover an introduction to stress and why it's a problem, some of the causes of stress and some ways to minimise the risk of stress.


The Principles of Performance Management

The Principles of Performance Management

Approved by CPD In any organisation, the traditional model of strict command and control wastes a significant amount of time and money. Mutual trust, employee motivation and readiness to perform can easily be undermined. Performance management, on the other hand, offers a different, much more effective approach. In formal terms, performance management involves the achievement of performance targets through the effective management of people and the environment in which they operate. It's about setting achievable goals for the organisation and targets for individuals and teams.


Time Management

Time Management Elearning Course Dorset

Approved by CPD More often than not, the people who excel in their job, or are high achievers manage their time effectively, in a way that makes them work in a more efficient manner.


This course has been designed to ensure you have the techniques to improve your efficiency, output and ability to function more effectively - whether in your ordinary day or when deadlines loom and the pressure is building.


Twitter for Business

Twitter for Business Elearning Course Do

Approved by CPD Twitter is a social media platform that is used by a wide range of people, from celebrities, who use it to communicate with their fans to companies and brands who can use it to engage their customers and attract new ones.


This courses will look in detail at the use of Twitter as part of your marketing activity.


Working Within the Private Security Industry

Working within The Private Security Indu

This course is an introduction to the private security industry, and the main services it covers. It discusses the body which regulates the industry, highlights the standards of behaviour expected from security operatives, and the law as it relates to the industry. It includes an in-depth look at health and safety issues, the concept of duty of care and examines a range of emergency situations which security operatives might be involved with. The course also covers communication skills, including tips for effective radio communication and instructions on how to use the phonetic alphabet.


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