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10 Ideas for Topics During Workplace Safety Meetings

Safety talks are an important part of an organisations commitment to promoting a safety culture, both at the office and on hazardous job sites.

A well-planned safety meeting: Informs people about workplace risks and safety training; gives the chance to evaluate prior safety-related incidents and keeps people alert and aware of potential hazards.

Safety meeting topics can vary, from tips to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome to explaining company protocols around COVID-19. The important thing is that everyone in your organisation is regularly thinking about safety.

So, what are some good safety topics to incorporate in your meetings or talks around the toolbox? Here are 10 workplace health and safety topics to ensure your workforce is always focused on avoiding injuries or illnesses.

1. Ergonomic and Workplace Stress

Ergonomic stress can cause long-lasting and acute injuries. Employees should be aware of ergonomics risk factors in the workplace in order to avoid them. Repetitive tasks, overexertion, and sustained awkward postures can lead to lifetime injury or pain. Workers should regularly stretch, exercise, and do strength training to avoid ergonomically induced injuries.