• Dorset Health and Safety

Driving and riding safely for work


As an employer, you must manage health and safety risks to workers who drive a vehicle or ride a motorcycle, other powered two-wheeler or bicycle on the road as part of a work activity. Health and safety law applies to work activities on the road in the same way as it does on a fixed site.

Driving for work is one of the most dangerous things workers will do. This guidance will help you prevent injuries, ill health and deaths. Following the guidance will also help to reduce stress and improve morale and operational efficiencies.

The law applies to both company and grey fleet vehicles. A grey fleet vehicle is owned and driven by a worker for business purposes. Vehicles used under cash allowance schemes are grey fleet too.

Commuting to work is not generally classified as driving for work, except where someone's journey starts from their home and they are travelling to a work location that is not their normal place of work. Health and safety law does not apply to commuting.

As part of your health and safety arrangements, you must do a risk assessment. The main areas you should look at in your risk assessment are the journey, the driver or rider and the vehicle.

Hazards that can cause harm to the driver or rider, passengers, other road users and/or pedestrians when driving for work include:

  • roadworks, traffic and congestion

  • vehicle condition